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All packages come with free standard check-up!

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How it Works:

  • Repairs and freon charges are not included
  • Price excludes spare parts (if repair is required)
  • At least three days advanced notice is required to book the job with the service provider
  • Price is exclusive of VAT (12%)
  • Service is only available in Metro Manila currently
  • Standard check-up
  • Pressurized cleaning of indoor & outdoor units 
  • De-clogging of drain pipe 
  • Cleaning of filters & external parts
  • 30-days workmanship warranty for each unit

Additional Notes:

  1. Submit your request
  2. One service provider will contact you to confirm the appointment 
  3. Pay the service provider directly and rate their service 

Our vendors pay a small fee to accept your job.

Please proceed only if you intend to get the job done.

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Prices provided are the most competitive as offered by leading professionals.


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Excellent service! On-time and prompt work done. They explain to you exactly what needs to be done and are very understanding of your questions/concerns.
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